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Is it better to workout from home than a gym?

Most people have a misconception that going to the gym is the only way to lose weight effectively and quickly. However, it has been observed that people stop their gym workouts after a few months and go back to home workouts. Read on and find out why is it so.

  1. It saves a lot of time

This is the primary reason for not going to the gym. The traveling time along with the time spent at the gym takes up almost two hours of a day. You have to wait for the trainer to tell you what to do and if he is busy, then that time is wasted too. Sometimes you have to wait to use a certain equipment if it is being used by somebody. If you workout at home, all that wasted time can get saved which you can utilize for your body and get better results.

  1. You do not feel awkward and self conscious

A gym is a public area where you have to workout with many other people. Sometimes it becomes very awkward when people stare at you or you need an equipment which someone else wants to use too. You have to be conscious all the time about your clothes or your style instead of focusing on exercising. In order to put up a good appearance, people spend a lot of money on fancy clothes and accessories. If you workout at home, you do not have to worry about such things because you can wear whatever you feel like and workout comfortably.

  1. You save a lot of money and do not need to sign a contract

If you workout from home, you save the money which is spent on membership fees and sign up fees for a gym. You can easily save upto a thousand dollars a year by not going to a gym. Another advantage is that you can workout at home without any strings attached unlike in a gym. Gym membership requires you to spend a fixed amount of time every week on the program scheduled by your trainer. You need to follow what he says. However, if you workout from home, you can choose whatever program you like and just start exercising. There is no need to sign a contract which binds you for a year. This is a big plus.

  1. Workout from home is more cost-effective

Instead of spending money on a gym, you can utilise that money to but different discs of workout programs which cost much less and offer a comprehensive program for unlimited training at home. You do not have to wait for getting your trainer’s attention and get personalised training from the trainer on the disc. You can spend money on some weights and equipment which you like to work on to make your personal gym area. This way you can get more for less.

  1. It is very convenient to workout from home

You do not need to do your workout at a fixed time like in a gym. You can workout whenever you feel like or when you get the time. It is very convenient for those with busy schedules. There is no need to rearrange your plans to fit in a workout. You can do a simple workout if you don’t get much time and can do a more intense workout when you have the time. You can also workout in shifts when you get a break from work. Instead of working out for thirty minutes straight, you can go for short ten minute segments to make the most of your time.

  1. You get results faster

The benefit of working out from home is that you can concentrate on the target you want to achieve without any distractions or awkwardness. You get to work on the equipment of your choice. You know your body best and you can make a workout plan for yourself on the basis of the exercises that give you the best results. The progress is faster because you are more determined and motivated. There is no need to show off in front of others. You can also check your progress in the mirror without feeling self conscious.

  1. You can track your food habits

What you consume on a daily basis has a big impact on your health. It has been observed that fitness depends eighty percent on the food we eat and twenty percent on the physical work that we do. Changing food habits can get you results which you cannot get even after sweating for hours in a gym. You can complement your home workout with the consumption of healthy food. This makes the end result long lasting and effective.

These reasons are enough to prove that it is better to workout from home than a gym. Choose wisely!

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