Before you read this Crazy Bulk review of mine, you must know that there was a time when I considered illegal steroids. I was extremely frustrated after putting in a ton of hours at the gym. I wasn’t getting big. I wasn’t getting stronger. I wasn’t getting the body I wanted. It just didn’t happen. I had tried new diets, new trainers and even drastically different workouts to get the results I wanted and it always left me frustrated and bitter.

I was desperate and almost drove over to a friend’s place when he offered to give me a “shot”. I think you know what I am talking about here. But then, something told me to first see if there were legal steroids that I could try, steroids that had clinical studies done on them, to prove that they were safe. That is how I found Crazy Bulk, a pharmaceutical grade legal steroid. I am glad I did because it has allowed me to finally bulk without all the crazy side effects that comes from illegal steroids.

If you are in a similar spot like I was in a few months ago, contemplating steroid use, just don’t do it. That is the whole reason why I wrote this Crazy Bulk review. To help you understand how legal steroids can give you what only illegal steroids could, in the past.

A quick crazy bulk review if you don’t have the time

If you don’t have time to read through this entire review of mine, just reading this little section at the top might help you out. After buying the bulking stack from Crazy Bulk, all I did was follow their cycle and hit the gym. Of course, I ate a little more calories than usual, about 500 calories more. 7 weeks. Yup, 7 weeks. That’s what it took me to add almost 2 inches to my arms, about 3.5 inches to my chest and a couple of inches to my thighs, which were kind of big to begin with.

More than anything else, I am grateful to Crazy Bulk for giving me the arms I always wanted. I was perennially stuck with 14.3’ arms and can now flex almost 16.5’. It has changed the way I feel about myself. I wear different clothes, I dress differently and life just somehow feels different with these bigger guns.

All I can say is, if you are a hard gainer or if you want to go to the next level with your muscle building or even if you just want to build strength, just go for Crazy Bulk. You will not regret it. Now, onto a more detailed crazy bulk review.

My journey with crazy bulk – A 7 week chronicling of my life

The Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack got shipped in a couple of days from the date of ordering. As soon as it arrived, I took the first day’s dose and headed out to the gym. I don’t know what I was expecting but I was disappointed. I was failing on sets and weights that I usually fail at, as always.

But I knew I had to give it time. One day just wasn’t enough. But, it was the same for the second day, the third day and even the fifth day, with a couple of rest days in between. I was starting to get the feel that I had bought some expensive, marketing-hype crap. I was quite bummed out the whole of first week but went back the second week. Then, it started to happen. Slowly but surely. I was able to eke out a few extra reps, even if I was adding only a little bit of weight to my usual max-out weights. Bicep curls especially started to get better.

I would feel super sore after my last set of bicep curls before. But, into the second week of Crazy Bulk, the bicep fatigue wasn’t bad at all. I never go crazy with weights because I hate having DOMS and not being able to go the gym because of soreness from too intense a workout. So, I increased weights only in small careful increments.

By the 4th week, I was curling 60 lbs. on the last set, going a good 12 reps, without swinging, with swaying and without releasing tension in my biceps. I know some of you guys curl much more but it was a huge step up from the 45 lbs. that I was maxing out and even failing at sometimes, before I went on the crazy bulk stack.

Why I chose the Crazy Bulk bulk stack?

Though I was desperate for anything that will give me gains I so badly wanted, I did do some research before buying Crazy Bulk.

Here’s what I learned from their website. The crazy bulk stack contains the following;

D-Bal – This helps your muscle retain nitrogen better and for longer. Nitrogen is a basic building block for your muscles and D-Bal in Crazy Bulk creates the optimal nitrogen levels for your muscles to grow in size and strength. By the way, this is the only legal alternative to an ingredient called Dianabol, a very popular illegal steroid.

DecaDuro – This actually doesn’t do anything to help you directly bulk but it has a very important indirect effect. It is basically a pre-workout supplement that will give you greater stamina to power through your workouts. Remember, the more you push, the more your muscles break down and grow back bigger. This definitely helped as I was routinely leaving the gym without feeling beaten down like before. DecaDuro will also help you maintain vascularity, even as you put on bulk.  DecaDuro also keeps a check on your fat levels, giving you as clean a bulk as possible. Some fat is inevitable, but without DecaDuro, you will be putting on a lot more fat during a bulk phase. Take it without fail.

Testo-Max – This is one ingredient that got me really excited when I ended up buying Crazy Bulk. What you get here is natural testosterone. None of the BS type that messes up your other hormones. It comes from a plant extract and I really think this is Crazy Bulk’s best kept secret.

Trenorol – Trenorol ups the production of red blood cells. This in turn brings more oxygen into your muscles, fueling performance through bigger and tougher workouts. This will also ensure low muscle fatigue and faster recovery. It will allow you to prevent soreness and push just a little extra, all critical elements to the process of adding more muscle and bulking.

That’s it. 4 simple ingredients in a stack format. That plus a killer workout plus some additional calories. Depending on your body weight and what you want to accomplish, you can play around with those extra calories. I didn’t want to gain a lot of fat when bulking and I stuck to just a 500 calorie excess. I also made sure that those 500 extra calories came in the following macro constitution; 40% protein, 40% carb and only 20% fat.

Now, some of you might not mind bulking with fat since you plan to cut later. In that case, you can even push those extra calories to 750 or even 1,000 calories, while also changing macros to 30% protein, 60% carbs and 10% fat. You can then use Crazy Bulk’s brilliant cut stack to cut down your fat percentage, while keeping those extraordinary vascular muscles.

The bottom line however is that Crazy Bulk will give you enough results to let you play around with your calorie intake, to control the amount and quality of gains you get.

I was 170 lbs. with 13% body fat before going on crazy bulk. After 8 weeks, I was at 184 lbs. with 15.3% body fat. Yes, I gained some fat. But there was solid muscle gain. I told you about my arms, didn’t I? I haven’t gone on a cutting stack which is also something that Crazy Bulk provides. But, a few fellow Crazy Bulk users that I ended up befriending at the gym have said that Crazy Bulk’s cutting stacks are actually more popular than their bulking stacks!

So, if you plan to cut after bulking, you know for a fact that Crazy Bulk cut stack will do its job. Besides, it is easier to cut than to bulk. It just needs more discipline with your diet. I personally didn’t cut because I like the “swole” sort of look. It makes my clothes fill out nicer and my biceps squeeze out the sleeves just enough, to make them stand out just enough, without looking like a meat head.

How crazy bulk has made me feel?

I have not felt any side effects or abnormal developments in the body after going on the crazy bulk stack for 7 weeks. The changes have only been positive. I want to jot down all the important improvements that I think were a direct result of Crazy Bulk.

  • I buy more clothes because I have started to look good in almost anything I wear!
  • My energy levels are always pretty good, even after a brutal leg day
  • My posture is more erect, now that my body doesn’t have weak muscle groups
  • I feel better about myself. No anxiety about my arms.
  • Women are more interested in me. I just have to explain that further below! Lol

If you are sincere without your workouts and finish your crazy bulk stack, women are definitely going to take notice. What I have realized is that there is a tipping point beyond which women just can’t help but notice a man’s muscles. When I had 14.5’ biceps, I never got any double takes at my arm. 14.5’ wasn’t bad but nothing special. But now, with my almost 16.5’ guns, I just love the looks I get from women. Even if you just walked through the mall with a nicely fitted T-shirt on, you are going to have at least 10 women check out your guns.

Once I caught a woman staring and did a little flex and she burst out blushing. It was pretty epic. But it is something that you have to experience for yourself.

What you might not like about Crazy Bulk?

Results are not as fast as what illegal steroids can produce

If you are comparing Crazy Bulk to how illegal steroids produce results, Crazy Bulk is going to be slower, for sure. I personally haven’t tried steroids. But, when I tell some gym friends about my success with Crazy Bulk, they usually say that steroids can do what Crazy Bulk does in 2 weeks. But, Crazy Bulk is clean and without side effects. Illegal steroids will give you ferociously quick results but will also give you mood swings, potential hair loss and a bunch of other nasty stuff that you just don’t want. Sure, you will bulk up like the hulk with illegal steroids. But at the cost of a balding head and with mood swings like a woman on her menstrual cycle? Hell no.


An 8 week stack of Crazy Bulk will set you back close to $400. That is a bit steep. But, you have to look at that cost in the perspective of the results it will produce. About 15 lbs. of added muscle is worth its weight in gold for me. At least that is my opinion. When you look at it that way, $400 or just $50 a week is nothing to aid your muscle building process. It’s almost the same cost as buying a tall latte at Starbucks every day, if you are into that stuff!

What you will love about Crazy Bulk?


Results bro! That is the selling point for Crazy Bulk and their products. They don’t call it crazy without good reason. The bulk stack just works and from what I have heard, the cutting stack works even better. With the right diet and exercise, you are going to beef up, even if you a freakish hard gainer or have stubborn muscle groups that just don’t grow, like my biceps, before I tried Crazy Bulk.

As good as illegal steroids, but without side effects

As mentioned earlier, Crazy Bulk will take you 4-8 weeks to give you sizable results. Illegal steroids can probably do the same in even 2 weeks. But you just don’t want all the crazy side effects with illegal steroids. Just say no to sticking a needle in your body.

Permanent gains

With illegal steroids, you are going to bulk like a hulk but you will then lose it all after you stop your injections. In fact, you might even lose what healthy muscle mass you had because your hormones are all out of whack.

But with Crazy Bulk, you get clean gains that stay with you, forever. Of course, you will need to work out and eat right to keep your gains. But they won’t vanish like how gains from steroid use disappear. I am writing this Crazy Bulk review a good 2 months after my 7 week cycle and my bicep still peaks out at over 16 inches. My bulk is here to stay, as long as I hit the gym, even though I have gone off Crazy Bulk now. I might get back on the bulk cycle when I want to get bigger. But it is something I just don’t want to do at the moment.

Keep an eye out for sales

Crazy Bulk often runs specials. As I write this Crazy bulk review, I see that the bulk stack is just $179.99 for a 4-week cycle. I paid $200 when I bought it. If you plan to bulk and then cut, I very highly recommend that you buy 2 cycles of the bulk stack + 1 cutting stack. This way, you will only pay for 2 stacks as Crazy Bulk always has a Buy 2, Get 1 Stack Free offer. You can check it out there. It is a pretty fantastic deal.

Once you have your success with Crazy Bulk, you are going to be buying more stacks anyways. Might as well take advantage of their ridiculous 3 for 2 deals.

So, that’s it guys. My crazy bulk review. All I can say is you should go for it if you are serious about muscle gains and if everything else you have tried has failed. It is safe, it is effective and it is permanent. If you can afford it, you would be insane not to try it, at least once!