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Phenq Review - Aubrey explains why this diet pill is the real deal!

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We all know how losing weight works. Eat a healthy diet, take some exercise, cut down on the junk food. Yet it’s never as easy as that! As someone who has tried to be good, yet never quite makes the grade, I feel your pain!

One of the new weight loss aids that’s recently hit the market, are what’s known as “diet pills”. These magical little bullets promise to boost your weight loss efforts, helping you get down to size in a long term, stable way.

How Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ, is a brand-new weight loss product that’s been approved by GMP Labs. This is new ground for the weight loss pill industry, as so many products before were never lab tested to prove their real worth.

So, how do they work? Well, there are many key ingredients in these pills, and together they form a solid basis for boosting your metabolism, helping you burn those calories quicker.


This plant based extract, works by stimulating your body and kick starting the way it digests food. It helps to improve your alertness and reduces fatigue, boosting the chances that you’ll stick to any exercise regime you’ve chosen as part of your weight loss plan. You’ll also discover that a new ability to work out just a little hard than before, boosting your calorie burning efforts!

Caffeine doesn’t stop there though, it helps to promote a fuller feeling in your stomach. Ever counted calories and gotten to that stage where you felt so empty? Well, caffeine is included to help you out.

Capismax Powder

Capismax, is a powerful combination of Niacin and Piperine Caffeine. This powder is specifically created to help boost a process known as thermogenesis, basically the way in which your body burns fat reserves in your body.

Ever wondered why no matter how hard you try, you can never truly shift that weight from your tummy and hips? Well, that’s purely because the standard level at which your body carries out thermogenesis, just can’t shift every fat cell from your body, no matter how hard you try!

By including Capismax Powder in our pills, we’re giving your body’s very own fat burning skills a real tune up, allowing your exercise and diet regime a better chance of shifting that fat!

L-Carnitine Fumarate

This is a little-known compound that’s already packed into green leafy vegetables and nuts. It works by helping your body convert consumed fat into energy, ready for your daily exercise to burn it all away.

Just like Capismax Powder, L-Carnitine Fumarate is a solid winner at helping to shift that fat around your thighs, bum and stomach area.

Are There Natural Compounds Safe?

Of course, every ingredient in PhenQ exists in nature already, and is packed into the healthy foods you already eat, such a vegetables and fruit. All we’re doing, is making sure your body has the exact amounts you need to boost your weight loss plan, and shift that weight from problem areas.

Our diet pills are also approved by GMP Labs, so you can be assured that nothing but the best is put into every tablet!

What Are the Overall Benefits?

By combining many powerful ingredients into PhenQ, we’ve managed to produce a diet pill that packs several benefits:

Fat Cells Are Blocked

The absorption of fat is either blocked, or reduced massively when using our pills. That means that any fat you do consume, won’t add to the existing fat within your body. This helps your new regime tackle the heart of your weight problem, without having to deal with anything new.

This also means that you can start to lose weight quicker, and maintain that weight loss well after you reach the dreaded “plateau phase”, where no matter what you do, your fat loss slows down.

Increased Energy

Ever wished you had more get up and go for exercise? Ever thought “oh not today” and bugged out of your Zumba class? Me too, and it’s a problem that plagues all of us when trying to lead a healthier life!

With our diet pill, you’ll start to feel more awake and energetic after a few days. That means you’ll enjoy exercise more, packing in those endorphins that will make you feel happier, more active and in control of your weight loss plan.

Appetite Suppressant

5 days into your new plan and all you can think about is cream cakes, we’ve all been there! PhenQ has ingredients that are specifically tailored to lower your appetite over time. We’re not promising you’ll never eat cake again (after all, cake is yummy), yet you’ll feel fuller, and have much more control over your urge to eat.

It’s 100% Natural

We understand that you’ll worry about what is inside every tablet of PhenQ, that’s why we only use natural ingredients. We’re also proud to say that our pills have been researched and approved by GMP labs.

When we say our product is 100% natural and safe, it’s not a statement, it’s fact backed up by clinically proven, laboratory science!

How Long Do Results Take?

From our extensive reviews from thousands of people, we believe that most people start to see results after just 8 weeks. Of course, your journey into weight loss doesn’t end there, and most of those people continue to see steady, safe and reliable results long after!

So good are the results from PhenQ, that many people continue to take it for many months after they’ve hit their weight loss goal. This allows them to lock in that new weight level, and enjoy it for its many other benefits.

What About Side Effects?

Thankfully, there are no major side effects from taking these diet pills. Every ingredient has been thoroughly researched for long term use, plus our product is FDA approved, so you know you’re taking something completely safe.

PhenQ has been through clinical and laboratory trials, passed with flying colors; so, you can rest easy at night, knowing you’re losing weight with a brand you can trust.

Of course, just as with any medicine, there are circumstances where you really should consult your Doctor first. This is true for any weight loss regime, exercise plan or change in diet.

  • If you’re pregnant, or currently trying for a baby.
  • If you’re currently breastfeeding.
  • Below the age of 18, or over 60.
  • Currently taking over prescribed medication.

Helping You Keep That Weight Off After Taking PhenQ

This is a vitally important part of the PhenQ plan, after all, what’s the point in losing weight if we didn’t help you maintain your new physique!

Once you’ve lost the weight, gotten down to your new size, and made all those healthy changes to your lifestyle, it’s time to make sure we lock in those good habits.

Eating A Low-Calorie Diet

Once you stop taking the supplement, you may start to feel cravings for food that you haven’t for some time. This is completely normal and part of the process during cessation of PhenQ. The trick here, is to stand firm, and continue to eat the same things you have throughout your diet.

We find, that many people develop a love for fresh fruit during their weight loss regime, as their body learns to crave natural sugars, rather than processed ones. Now that your body is beginning to crave again, feel free to enjoy those fruit snacks you know and love.

The worst thing you can do during this time, is eat nothing. Instead, eat a balanced diet, and pack in those fruit based snacks to help fill the void.

Eat Breakfast Everyday

If dinner and supper are designed to slow your body down, ready for sleep, then breakfast is exactly the opposite, giving your metabolism a boost and getting you ready for the day!

We’ve talked a lot about metabolism so far, and that’s because it’s extremely important if you want to give your weight loss goals (and maintain them!). Breakfast has always been associated with kick starting your metabolism in the morning, and when we need to burn all the calories we can, it makes sense to get yours started in the best way.

Eating a healthy breakfast is easy, fruit and toast, or a healthy cereal (make sure it’s not packed with sugars though) are all you need to give your body that gentle nudge each morning.

Continue Exercising

Many people reach their target weight, then accidentally let their new regime slide into the abyss. Sadly, the weight soon begins to creep back on, eventually going back to pre-diet days.

Those are sad times for anyone!

So, with this information guiding us, we’ve got to think about exercise in a different light. When you start your weight loss plan, don’t think of the exercise component as “weight loss”; Instead, think of it as a good habit you want to form for the rest of your life.

We’ve always found it easier when exercise is fun, so now is the perfect time to try a new hobby. It might be Zumba, Yoga, Swimming – it really doesn’t matter once you’re getting active, and having fun!

You Can Continue the PhenQ Boost

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the weight does start to creep back on again. It’s completely natural, although can be dispiriting! If you do start to find yourself slipping, there’s always the option of restarting your intake of PhenQ each day.

The great thing about this supplement, is that you can always give your new lifestyle a boost. You don’t have to take it indefinitely, even adding another 2 months to your plan could give you the extra time to really lock in your new weight level.

Stop Making Excuses, You Can Lose That Weight, Feel Great, and it Can Begin TODAY!

If you’re serious about your weight loss, and this time want to make those losses stick, we recommend PhenQ throughout your new diet regime.

Whether you’re worried about putting on your old weight, or you’re starting out and want to achieve a better you, there’s no better time to Get your supply of PhenQ stocked up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does PhenQ Work for Men and Women?

Yes, it works the same in both men and women. However, different body types will react in different ways, for example, those with higher Body Mass Indexes (BMI), will see far quicker results than those who start out slimmer.

Whatever happens, the key with any lifestyle change, is to keep up your new habits, and slowly lock them in over the space of a few months.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

This really does depend on the individual. Some people will take the supplement alone, without any diet or exercise changes, whilst others will add it to an already healthy lifestyle for a quick boost.

One thing we can say, PhenQ will help your body burn fat, and help you feel great. That’s true whatever stage your diet is at.

Do I Have to Exercise to Lose Weight?

Not at all, and many people can make a dramatic impact by simply eating less and taking PhenQ each day. However, exercise will help give your body an extra nudge, and we would recommend you trial some light physical activity to see how you feel.

Even so, we’ve seen people lose 15 pounds by taking this supplement alone, thats how powerful it is!

Do I Need to Diet?

Just as with exercise, you don’t strictly need to diet to see results with PhenQ; however, the ingredients inside the supplement will natural make you feel fuller anyway, leading to an unofficial “diet” of sorts.

What we would recommend though, is that you make some healthier changes to your lifestyle. Everything from eating a healthy breakfast, to cutting out processed sugar from your diet will help, plus making sure you consume fresh fruit and vegetables every day!

Will PhenQ Work for Me?

Our clinical trials and laboratory tests show that almost everyone benefits from taking PhenQ. And whilst we can’t tell you it’ll work 100%, there’s only one way you’re truly going to find out!

There’s no reason it won’t work for you, so give it a go!


  • Fat Cells Are Blocked
  • Increased Energy
  • Appetite Suppressant
  • It’s 100% Natural


  • Nothing that we could find


If you’re serious about your weight loss, and this time want to make those losses stick, we recommend PhenQ throughout your new diet regime. Whether you’re worried about putting on your old weight, or you’re starting out and want to achieve a better you, there’s no better time to Get your supply of PhenQ stocked up!


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