Take up the 30 Day Ab Challenge

Many people covet six packs and eight packs. However, it generally takes a very long time to achieve such ripped abs and people get discouraged along the way when the results take a long time to show. If you take the 30 Day Ab Challenge, this task can become much more quicker and effective. You can get the abs that you always dream about within 30 days.

The 30 Day Ab Challenge is a very intense workout program which requires you to follow a particular routine for a month in which you need to include various abdominal exercises and do them within a stipulated time. The number of times you need to do each exercise is fixed and you have to increase the number every day to make your body work harder and faster. There are multiple workout programs which you can look up and select from. You can also make your own 30 Day Ab Challenge program with the exercises that you like.

The purpose of the 30 Day Ab Challenge

People usually avoid exercising because they find it a very long and tedious process. However, they want to look and feel fit as well. The 30 Day Ab Challenge allows you to reach amazing fitness levels by strengthening the abdominal muscles of your body within a short period of time. There are numerous health benefits of this program. Your waistline reduces drastically as your belly fat vanishes and your muscles get toned. You get relief from lower back pain as the body’s flexibility and movement increases. The body posture also improves as the back gets straightened. Abdominal exercises are essential for sportsmen and athletes because they heighten agility and increase the endurance level of the body. If you want to achieve a radical physical transformation within a month, then the 30 Day Ab Challenge is your best bet.

Exercises included in the Challenge

In any 30 Day Ab Challenge program you will find a combination of three to four abdominal exercises mentioned along with the number of times each one is to be done in a day. These numbers will increase every day. Some of the common exercises that are usually included in these challenges are mentioned below.

  1. Sit Ups- You have to lie down on the mat with your hands behind your head. Then you have to lift your legs and move your head upwards and forwards. These are basic crunches which put a lot of pressure on the abdominal muscles. You need to do atleast ten sit ups at a time.
  2. Elbow planks- This exercise requires you to lie on your stomach and raise your body with the support of your forearms. You need to hold your body for 30 seconds. This helps in increasing the body’s control over itself.
  3. Leg raise- In this exercise, you have to lie on the ground and lift your legs till they are at a ninety degree angle to your body. Then you need to lower your legs a little for a few seconds before taking them back to the initial angle. Do these twenty times every day.
  4. Hip lift- This exercise is similar to the previous one but there is a slight difference. You do not need to lower your legs once they are in the ninety degree position. Instead, you need to support your hips with your hands to keep your legs perpendicular to your body for a few seconds before lowering the legs to the ground. This too needs to be done twenty times to get results.
  5. Ankle reach- You need to keep your legs straight and the toes pointed when you lift your legs to the perpendicular position. Keeping the legs in this position, you need to touch your ankles with your hands by bending forwards. This backward and forward movement has to be repeated atleast ten times.

These are just a few exercises that you can include in your abs workout. Other examples include the powerboat pose, scissor kicks, oblique crunches, flutter kicks and bicycle crunches.

These workouts are very intense so every program includes one rest day per week. This day can be utilised for resting your body muscles and allowing it to revitalise itself for the next few days of intense workout. You do not need to spend more than 10 minutes on your workout every day but the results that you can get are outstanding and better than anything you can get after spending long hours at the gym.

You can do these exercises at home and fit them into your schedule according to your convenience. If you follow a particular routine diligently, then you are bound to get a flat tummy and strong abs in a month’s time. So try out the 30 Day Ab Challenge and see the results.


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